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Fast-Track Advanced Management Programme

Fast-Track AMP

Benefit from all the essential learning and development you need to become a high-performing manager

This two-module intensive programme will help you build upon your existing success and prepare for advances in your career by: extending your expertise in all operational parts of your job; developing your leadership approach; testing yourself against high standards, and building skills for increased effectiveness.

Who is it for?

You are likely to be:

  • a high potential mid-level manager who is new to general management
  • a senior functional or technical specialist in transition to general management
  • a country manager or business unit head
  • managing a large/complex project across teams, functions or borders.

Programme Overview

Ashridge’s research and experience across industry tells us that successful executives who want to succeed in general management and business leadership positions excel in four areas of competence:

  • Providing leadership
  • Setting direction
  • Making the most of people
  • Driving growth and realising results.

These are the main areas that our Fast-Track Advanced Management Programme (Fast-Track AMP) cover.

Learn more about the content and structure of the Programme.

Benefits to you and your organisation

  • You will leave the Fast-Track AMP better equipped, more confident, with a better knowledge of what you can do, and a greater appetite for pushing the limits
  • You will be given all the theory, tools and techniques you need, and the opportunity to try them out in a safe environment
  • You will build a professional network with fellow learners taking the same development path
  • An Ashridge-accredited coach will work with you in 1:1 coaching sessions to agree your personal learning objectives and development needs, how to test and apply your learning and how to take things forward into your job.

Why choose an Ashridge Open Programme?

  • Ashridge offers you a unique environment for learning, reflection and change

  • Ashridge offers peer networking opportunities with like minded professionals during the programme and afterwards via The Ashridge Network
  • On site accommodation, learning materials, leisure facilities and a wide choice of cuisine is all included as part of your Ashridge Open Programme package
  • Our teaching style blends academic theory and real-world examples with practical skills and tools. Our faculty won't lecture you but will make you participate. It's how we make your learning stick
  • With specific implementable action plans, proven new thinking and practical advice, Ashridge will help you make more of your career
  • Access to online content from Virtual Ashridge via your Programme Portal for a year after the programme.

Essential Information

Fast Track Advanced Management Programme

£9,600 + VAT

Including on site accommodation, meals, learning materials and access to leisure facilities.

2 x 5-day modules


Module 1: 23 – 27 Jun 2014
Module 2: 15 – 19 Sept 2014

Module 1: 29 Sep – 3 Oct 2014
Module 2: 8 – 12 Dec 2014

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