Roundtable: L&D

This roundtable report will look to answer the following questions:

  • With workforces working remotely and autonomously, traditional classroom contact is diminishing and being replaced via web and mobile platforms. Is this improving or degrading content quality and levels of engagement?
  • Is the format of L&D as a linear format suited to digital platform delivery? With platforms which require a greater level of individual responsibility, what measures need to be in place to ensure control, and how can greater engagement and personal responsibility be improved?
  • Gamification is increasingly providing interactive experiences into L&D. Is gamification a fad or is it a legitimate platform for the modern workforce?
  • Mobile content is a rapdily increasing platform, delivering L&D in bite-sized chunks. What are delegate experiences of mobile and is it the future of L&D?
  • Premium content, time-sensitive support to L&D that is aligned with more general training packages, increasingly relevant element of L&D strategy, or is it a distraction? What do you look for in premium content and does it deliver what it promises?
  • Is certification in L&D essential to maintaining standard and credibility, or is this, in the modern workforce, unnecessary, limiting options and stigling reactive and organic content?
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