Measuring the value and ROI of e-learning

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Daniel Griffin explores what value is in e-learning and whether ROI means the same thing to HR professionals as it does to the rest of the business. The white paper continues by giving a guide to measuring value and tips on how to improve your ROI.

Measuring the value and ROI of e-learning

Talk to a financial officer in any company and they will often repeat the same mantra, “measurement is everything”. The belief of “if you cannot measure it, it doesn’t exist” has long held sway in boardrooms and is becoming even more important now as companies strive to cut inefficient practices in hard times.

Because of this, HR and training professionals are being held accountable for their learning and development (L&D) expenditure and are being asked more often to provide measurement of value and proof of the Return on Investment (ROI) of their campaigns. This is particularly true in the eLearning sector where significant outlays on new technology and approaches have to be justified.

But how can the value of L&D and eLearning in particular be assessed? What is ROI?

Accountants and the finance department will insist that ROI is a purely financial measure, but can the value of L&D be assessed in other ways?

If so, what measurements and approaches may be adopted to more accurately reflect the benefits of digital learning initiatives such as mLearning, eLearning and blended learning?

Virtual Ashridge has written this white paper to help explore these issues. Based on research from Ashridge, our experience in the industry as well as broader research, we have compiled an overview of the problems of the measurement of ROI and tackled some of the issues which it creates for HR and L&D professionals.

The aim of this white paper is to:

  • Examine what is meant by ROI and explore how it can be measured
  • Consider the relative merits of financial and non-financial metrics
  • Provide a tiered framework to measure eLearning initiatives. This framework creates a step by step guide through agreeing objectives to actively measuring a range of different metrics which help calculate a direct/indirect ROIs
  • Offer advice on how to improve ROI with a selection of tips based on Ashridge’s experience of eLearning, executive education and graduate programmes
  • Assess the pros and cons of measuring ROI and explore whether measurement is a cure all panacea or a placebo for a company’s problems
  • Provide a list of further resources which can be used to explore the topic further.

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Measuring the value and ROI of e-learning