Delivering results from digital learning

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The use of digital tools for learning continues to be an area of both great promise and great frustration for many organisations.

With the consumerisation of IT, Google have taught us to search, LinkedIn to connect, Wikipedia to access knowledge and Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) to access a new wave of free, quality online courses. However, the effective integration of these tools into organisational learning strategy remains limited in many cases. As a result, organisations need to carefully consider how best to select, implement and exploit the full potential of digital learning.

This paper reviews a five-step process for developing effective digital learning practices:

  • What are the business needs for learning technology?
  • What are your learning objectives?
  • What is your dominant digital culture?
  • What are your learning technology options?
  • How can your selected learning technology solution be implimented effectively? 

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Delivering results from digital learning