Qualifications for corporates

Ashridge and its work with organisations

Ashridge works with individual organisations to develop qualifications customised for their needs and specialisms. Your organisation may use customised qualifications to:

  • Gain competitive advantage by having managers and leaders with the right skills to take the business forward
  • Ensure that specific skills development, possibly as part of your wider development programmes, has a measurable impact in the workplace. This is evaluated through the assessed element of the programme.
  • Have flexibility to ensure that your employees study only topics relevant to your industry or skills specific to your business

Ashridge customised programmes are developed with all or some of the following key providers:

  • Your organisation including key departmental contacts
  • Ashridge Faculty working in the relevant field
  • Partner organisations with other specialist expertise.

Corporate qualifications

All qualifications are validated, managed and awarded by triple-accredited Ashridge Executive Education, assuring you of the highest quality and standards.


Benefits for your organisation

  • Qualifications are designed and delivered by Ashridge which is triple-accredited and globally-ranked. Only 1% of the 7000 business schools worldwide are triple- accredited
  • Programmes are designed to make an immediate, measurable and positive impact
  • Participants focus on practical assignments based on current projects your organisation is working on. This increases participants’ skill-sets and ensures that learning feeds directly back into your organisation
  • Participants gain a deeper insight and understanding of your organisation. They also learn about general business issues and leadership practices. This makes them more confident and better skilled leaders, able to offer practical solutions to different work areas, their teams and the organisation as a whole.
  • Your organisation benefits from strategic consultancy in a variety of work areas during the participants’ study period. This should improve processes, save money, increase efficiency, highlight and combat challenges. The impact is enhanced organisational capability and money saved on external consultants.
  • Investment in staff is motivating. It increases loyalty, retention rates and helps businesses remain competitive.