Frequently Asked Questions

  • How will I benefit from this programme?

    This is the only programme of its kind that focuses on organisation development practitioners, including executive coaches, leadership development consultants and organisational psychologists.

    Supervision is important for all organisational consultants. This programme will enable you to play a crucial role in improving coaching and consulting outcomes through quality assurance, maintenance of working alliance and containment, and improved self-awareness.

    The programme is informed by the Ashridge Centre for Coaching, a thriving and active research centre.This ensures that the content is always up-to-date and incorporates the latest developments in the field.

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  • How is the teaching style of the programme relevant for my work as a supervisor of coaches and consultants?

    The teaching style develops ethically mature and theoretically informed practitioners.  You gain the knowledge and skills to support and sign off the work of senior organisational development consultants. Faculty members work collaboratively with the participant group and didactic input is kept to a minimum. Theories and models are introduced only during the morning sessions. The afternoons are dedicated to applying the theory in supervision groups or individual supervision experiences.

    Throughout the programme, the group discusses and reflects on current supervision work and professional dilemmas. You will work extensively in a supervision format, forming into groups of three to support and challenge each other during the two year period. In the afternoon supervision practice, you will be in constant organisation development supervision.

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  • Why does Ashridge have smaller than average class sizes?

    Ashridge believes there is an optimal group size for maximising the effectiveness of the learning. In the case of this programme, we work with groups of 12 mature professionals. Participants tend to be self-employed or work for niche organisational development consultancies.

    Ashridge favours smaller class sizes because they engender a more personalised experience. This is complemented by one-to-one tutoring and a focus on enhancing personal capabilities as a supervisor. 

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  • How would you describe the Ashridge learning environment?

    You will benefit from a unique learning environment, in a stunning setting and with state-of-art resources to ensure personal development and space for reflection. Typically we have a small group of experienced professionals who all make a valuable contribution, resulting in an intimate and rich peer group learning experience.

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  • Further questions?

    If you have any questions that have not been covered in this section, please call us on +44 1442 841303 or email our admissions team with your questions.

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