The Postgraduate Certificate in Advanced Coaching and Organisational Development Supervision

Rigorous. Relevant. Real. Relational.

Become an accredited supervisor and an expert in coaching supervision.

While coaching is about you as a person, supervision explores the nature of your relationship with the people you coach and your developing practice.

Supervision makes an important contribution to the professional development and quality assurance of consultants and executive coaches. It can be a key differentiator in the marketplace and is increasingly central to many formal consulting and coaching qualifications.

Ashridge Postgraduate Certificate in Advanced Coaching & OD Supervision

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The Ashridge Postgraduate Certificate in Advanced Coaching and Organisational Development Supervision has achieved the EMCC’s Supervision Training Quality Award, along with only a handful of other supervision programme providers.

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About ACOS

About the programme

This two year part-time programme was developed by experienced practitioners who have a combination of supervision, research, psychological and organisation development (OD) experience.

The qualification will give you the skills, credibility and confidence to offer a new service to your clients. It is designed to build your status as a senior practitioner and supervisor of coaches and consultants.

Aimed at experienced OD consultants and executive coaches, this is an opportunity to be supervised on any aspect of your work, individually and as part of a group of equally experienced coaches. You will learn how to supervise other consultants and coaches effectively.

As with all Ashridge coaching programmes, this programme takes a relational perspective. It develops your theoretical knowledge of the psychological underpinnings of supervision and your critical evaluation of supervision models and theories.

The programme is a natural follow-on from the Masters in Executive Coaching and the Masters in Organisational Change.

It is structured around three modules. The first two are based on a series of eight intensive workshops, spread across the two years - each lasting one or two days. The third is the accreditation module.

You can find out more about this programme with our visual programme overview and our Module Overviews. 

Programme detail
Coaching supervision

Ashridge Approach to Supervision

The Ashridge perspective on coaching and consulting supervision has been the subject of a number of articles and publications. We also run Coaching Supervision sessions which either form part of the qualification or can be purchased individually.

Ashridge sees supervision as an essential quality assurance process for coaches and consultants. It ensures that the client benefits from a professional consultant who  is equipped with the insight and personal resourcefulness to make a difference.

We believe that the power and effectiveness of supervision stems from the possibility for new scrutiny and fresh perspectives.

We take a broadly relational perspective on supervision, based on personal experience of effective coaching and the themes and issues at the core of the process.

This is based on the following core principles:

  • Human beings are deeply motivated to be in relationships with others, so part of what we (consultant and supervisor) hope to get from this relationship is to repeat our previous relational patterns and through awareness of these, create better patterns both inside and outside the coaching space
  • All content of supervision can be seen as relational, i.e. supervisees are continually, even if subliminally, linking relationships elsewhere (real and imagined) to this one
  • This supervisory relationship is worth constantly exploring because of the rich learning it can offer
  • The supervisee’s experience of the supervisory relationship is worth enhancing.
Coaching Supervision
ACOS benefits

Benefits to you

If you run your own consulting practice, you will be benefit by:

  • Being able to offer supervision as well as finely-tuned coaching skills to individuals and organisations
  • Having the Ashridge accreditation quality stamp to give clients the added reassurance that you can offer high-level supervision
  • Having more confidence in your abilities and being able to introduce new knowledge and skills in your daily work.

If you work for an organisation, it will benefit from:

  • The new practices that you can share with colleagues and/or your organisation’s clients
  • Your supervision work - a useful differentiator for the business
  • Added credibility thanks to your Ashridge accreditation
  • Your increased self-awareness, knowledge and network could make you a candidate for senior level positions in the organisation.

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