Ashridge MBA fees, funding and scholarships

How much will your MBA cost?

Both the Full-time MBA and the part-time Executive MBA (EMBA) cost £32,500 GBP.

Every participant funds their MBA differently. Some secure corporate sponsorship while others finance their programme with scholarships, loans or savings. Scroll down to our funding options to find out more.

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Ashridge MBA fees, funding and scholarships

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Disclaimer: Please be aware that Ashridge Business School is not able to provide specific financial advice or guidance on how to pay for your MBA. The content on this page is for general information only and does not constitute professional advice.

The Ashridge MBA Fee – what is included?

  • All tuition fees
  • Lunch and refreshments during the modules at Ashridge
  • Access to Virtual Ashridge (VA), the online study resource portal
  • Your International Business Experience (IBE) module - flights, accommodation, meals
  • Working dinners, masterclasses and guest speaker events
  • Membership to the Ashridge gym and fitness centre for the duration of your programme
  • Access to our global alumni network
  • Coaching and tutor support at Ashridge
  • Career guidance and employment opportunities.

Additional costs

Accommodation during your MBA and meals when you are not in class are not included in the programme fee.

Methods of payment

To help manage the considerable financial commitment required to undertake an MBA or EMBA programme, Ashridge offers three payment options:

  • Payment in advance – the whole fee
  • Payment at the beginning of each academic year (for EMBA participants), subject to a one off £500 administration charge
  • Payment by monthly standing order, totalling 20 equal payments, plus a one off £500 administration charge (for self-funding EMBA participants only).

Accommodation at Ashridge

Whether you study for the Full-Time MBA or Part-Time MBA we have accommodation on campus at Ashridge.

For our Full-Time students we have a limited number of self-catering apartments with kitchen, living room and bedroom.  Off-campus, students live in the nearby very attractive town of Berkhamsted which is on the main trainline to London and provides access to shops and amenities. We run a free bus service between Berkhamsted train station and Ashridge. Find out more about living near Ashridge and about Berkhamsted.

For Part-time students, we can offer hotel accommodation on campus, either booked as a block for your entire programme, or booked as required.

For more information about accommodation, please contact us on +44 (0)1442 841120 or email


Funding option 1

Applying for scholarships

The scholarship application process begins once you have been offered a place on the Ashridge MBA or EMBA.

As an Ashridge or Santander Universities scholarship applicant, you will be asked to write an essay to demonstrate your eligibility for the award. Essays are judged on a competitive basis and awarded to candidates who show the greatest potential or who would benefit most from studying an Ashridge MBA.

To find out more about applying for scholarships, please email

Ashridge MBA scholarships

We typically offer scholarships for up to 25% of the programme fee to self-funded participants on the one-year Full-time MBA or two-year Part-time EMBA programmes.

Scholarships are awarded in ten categories. In order to apply, you need to choose a category and show how your past academic and professional achievements, as well as your future ambitions, relate to that category.

Ashridge MBA Scholarship categories

  1. Excellence in Finance and Financial Services scholarship
  2. Embedding Sustainability scholarship
  3. Managing Globally scholarship
  4. Creating Value scholarship
  5. Leading Change scholarship
  6. Aspiring Women in Business scholarship
  7. Entrepreneurial scholarship
  8. Emerging Markets scholarship
  9. Military scholarship
  10. Outstanding Achievement in a business sector scholarship (strategy, people and leadership, finance, marketing, innovation and technology, operations).

The Santander Universities Scholarships

Ashridge is proud of its partnership with Santander Universities and is grateful for the scholarships which Santander makes available to Ashridge MBA/EMBA participants each year.

Santander scholarship awards are available to applicants based in countries included in the scheme such as Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Puerto Rico, Uruguay, Venezuela, Spain, Portugal, USA, UK, Russia, China and Singapore.

To apply for a Santander scholarship once you have a formal offer of a place on the Ashridge MBA programme, please contact the Ashridge Admissions team at

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Funding option 2

Development loans and schemes

Department for Education and Skills (United Kingdom)

UK residents can take out a Professional and Career Development Loan to help pay for work related learning. You can borrow between £300 and £10,000 to support the cost of up to two years’ learning (or three years if the programme includes one year’s relevant unpaid practical work.

For further information about financial assistance to support your studies, please visit Gov.UK or contact Natioal Careers Service on 0800 100 900. The Ashridge learning provider registration number is: 12357

MOD Enhanced Learning Credit (ELC) Scheme

Ashridge is an MOD Enhanced Learning Credit (ELC) Scheme approved learning provider. The scheme provides funding support to people leaving the UK Armed Forces. Please visit for further details. The Ashridge learning provider number for this scheme is: 3515

Credila Loans

Credila Financial Services is an HDFC Ltd company, a major financial corporation in India offering education loans to applicants from India who wish to study in the UK.

Funds are made available once you have a confirmed admission to a suitable programme. It is a fast and simple process designed to help you maximise your study opportunity.

If you are interested in applying for a Credila loan, please complete the application form at the time of your application to the MBA or EMBA.

Future Finance Loans

Future Finance is an external loan provider of finance for undergraduates and postgraduates from within and outside of the UK to help with tuition fees and cost of living expenses. Find out more and how to apply for a loan from Future Finance.

StudentFunder Ltd loans

Ashridge students can use to fund selected qualification programmes. enables UK, EU and International candidates to launch a crowdfunding campaign and apply for affordable loans. For more information, please visit the Studentfunder website.

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Funding option 3

The Business Case: Why should your employer sponsor your MBA?

Completing the Ashridge MBA creates a win-win for employer and employee:

  • The Ashridge MBA is a globally-recognised qualification from a top-ranked, triple-accredited business school - only 1% of business schools in the world have this accreditation
  • The practical nature of the Ashridge MBA means you can apply your learning immediately to your work
  • You will gain confidence and be able to take a strategic view of the organisation
  • You will learn tools and techniques to help you analyse and address business problems more effectively
  • Assessment is via practical assignments and projects rather than exams, which allows your organisation to benefit from 60–80 days of internal consultancy to address challenges that the business faces, covering areas such as strategy, operations, finance, marketing, HR, innovation and sustainability*
  • You will hone and develop your personal leadership skills
  • You will build a strong international network of professionals from a wide range of industry sectors, enabling you to bring new ideas and perspectives to your organisation
  • Objective discussions with fellow participants and faculty will allow you to reappraise your organisational challenges from the inside-out
  • Your organisation benefits from access to Ashridge intellectual capital via Virtual Ashridge (learning guides, competitor information, industry analysis, market reports)
  • By investing in you, your organisation increases your loyalty and motivation, as well as helping your business to remain competitive.

* Organisational information is treated in the strictest confidence. Participants can request that all their assignments and dissertations are treated as confidential and have the option of changing all significant details to make their organisation unidentifiable.

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Salary Sacrifice Scheme

In some circumstances your employer may agree to allow you to pay for your MBA through a Salary Sacrifice scheme, whereby your employer pays your Executive MBA tuition fees in their entirety and then you repay all or part of the fees to your employer through deductions from your salary, before tax, each month.

UK employers can benefit from this scheme because they are not liable for National Insurance on the portion of salary that is sacrificed for your MBA or EMBA studies. As an employee, you can also make savings on Income Tax and National Insurance contributions.

How to find out more
Speak to your employer to find out whether they offer or would be willing to discuss the Salary Sacrifice Scheme with you. If they agree to offer you this opportunity then you will need to set out an agreement for payment and timescales indicating how you will pay back your part of the agreement.

The above information refers to the UK Salary Sacrifice Scheme only. Salary Sacrifice Schemes will operate differently in different countries.We recommend that you speak to a professional tax and benefits specialist to ensure you are fully aware of the tax and pension implications of this scheme.

For more UK information please visit

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