The Ashridge Masters in Sustainability and Responsibility

Rigorous. Relevant. Real. Sustainable.

This lively part-time MSc programme will challenge you to engage with the growing international debate and practice around sustainability, business and responsibility.

Get to grips with areas as diverse as environmental and ecological economics, ecology and living systems, sustainable development and design or human rights and social justice and the way in which they affect the global supply chain, business practice and planning for the future.

Who is it for?

Leaders who are committed to making their organisations more responsible, sustainable and successful. You are likely to be a business professional, consultant, activist, public sector manager or an NGO professional wanting to align your organisation and career more closely with the challenges of sustainability and responsibility today.

Why not come along to one of our open days or attend a webinar to find out whether this programme is for you?

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Expertise in the field

This programme taps into the Ashridge Centre for Business and Sustainability and gives you the latest thinking and research in the field.

All faculty members involved in the programme work in academia, consultancy and research and have extensive experience in supporting sustainable change in organisations.

It will challenge and support you to develop the way you respond to key issues and deepen your understanding of business and organisational responsibilities in the 21st century. With a unique combination of input on change, leadership and sustainability, the programme is a unique journey of discovery. 

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What will you learn?

During the programme you will:

  • Explore sustainability and corporate responsibility from multiple perspectives
  • Engage with leading-edge practitioners and organisations featuring values-based practice
  • Develop skills and apply disciplined action research and action learning
  • Develop and apply your capacity as an informed and self-aware individual contributing to organisational and social change
  • Inform the growing world-wide debate on the purpose and responsibilities of business
  • Benefit from strong peer support, shared learning and a dynamic learning environment

Programme detail

Programme structure and content

Programme information

Structured around eight, five day workshops over two years, each workshops is designed to help clarify the challenges that you aim to explore for your organisation or your own interest. Please see programme details for more information.

In between workshops you will need to spend between 15-20 hours studying each week.

The programme experience involves action research.

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About Ashridge and Sustainability

Sustainability is one of the most influential business megatrends of the 21st century and therefore needs to be a central focus of any business school serious about helping organisations to embrace change and responsibility.

Ashridge has played a pivotal role in helping organisations embrace sustainable development since the mid-1990s when we first established the Ashridge Centre for Business and Sustainability.

About action research 

Action research is a process which involves you becoming an active investigator into your own life, work and organisation. It encourages you to experience topics raised on the programme through your different daily activities and approaches at work.

It incorporates a wide range of practices and ideas with a strong pedigree in the fields of organisational change and community development. It also invites you to develop a discipline of thinking, personal reflection and testing of ideas through action experiments.

Each workshop includes some time in small peer learning groups and in the whole group, helping you become clearer about the questions that lie at the heart of your role and your organisation. To find out more about Ashridge and Action Research, why not visit our Centre for Action Research.

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