Masters in Organisational Change – Programme details

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The programme is currently being updated, and will start in Autumn 2017. Please contact our Programme Team for more details.

This programme is studied part-time over 18 months. A key part of the programme is to learn through reflective practice and action inquiry.

Reflective practice and action inquiry

A fundamental objective of this programme is to support you as you become a 'reflective practitioner’. The programme enables a rigorous inquiry into your assumptions and perceptions. You will notice how they affect the way you relate to groups and organisations. We introduce the methodology of Action Inquiry as a means of developing individual reflective practice through cycles of action and subsequent reflection.

We draw on action research, the highly participative approach to learning which invites you to develop a discipline of thinking, personal reflection and testing ideas through action experiments.

Practice groups

Practice groups run throughout the programme up to Module 4. Each group is facilitated by a member of faculty. This process enables you to integrate conceptual learning with experimentation in the safe environment of an action learning set. The group meets regularly between workshops, to consult with each other virtually on live consulting issues introduced by individual members.

Assignment writing and assessment

There are no examinations associated with this qualification. Instead, you are expected to complete regular written assignments between workshops. This self-directed learning is supported by a personal tutor.

Our approach to organisational change

We start from our shared experience.  We work with what ‘is going on’, rather than what we would like to happen or believe to be true.  From experience we know that the best plans and communication strategies don’t usually last much beyond their first contact with reality.  So engaging, one conversation at a time, with the people who need to make the change happen, and take serious their views, hopes and objections, are some ingredients of our change work. Bringing those ingredients together into ongoing cycles of action, reflection, theorising and experimenting is at the heart of what this qualification is all about.

Read our 'Frequently Asked Questions' section to find out more about the programme.

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