Participant insights

“I would dare to suggest that an AMOC graduate will be able to hold the attention of even the most hardened corporate leader.”

Helen Green
Orient8 Consulting Ltd

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Andrew Leahy

Andrew Leahy

VP Program Management , at DHL Supply Chain

"You develop a profound honesty and empathy with others and for me, importantly, with yourself, in a supportive environment. Sometimes, this experience can be overwhelming but in order to fully connect with the program, you have to go for it."

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Sophie Edwards, Independent Facilitator and Director of Comms

Sophie Edwards

Independant Facilitator and Director of Comms, Not-for-Profit Sector

“My Light bulb moment was realizing I can influence but not control change. This is a big life lesson for someone who likes to be in control”

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Charles Grimes, Director, Charles Grimes Limited

Charles Grimes

Director, Charles Grimes Limited

“My consulting is broader and richer because I bring so much more of myself to work. Ashridge was a life-changing experience.”

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Vanessa Otto-Mentz, Strategist, Researcher and Coach

Vanessa Otto-Mentz

Strategist, Researcher and Coach, Independent

“There is no other programme that teaches change like this. It has given me more confidence in my expertise. People show more interest in my work, and say 'yes let's try it' more."

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Patricia White, Senior HR Director, Pfizer Sydney

Patricia White

Senior HR Director, Pfizer Sydney

“The tutors were refreshingly diverse, highly experienced and credible. What seems to set them apart as a group was that they were also practicing consultants and not just academics so they truly understood the territory.”

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Tony Hunt, Director and Owner, Tony Hunt Consulting Ltd

Tony Hunt

Director and Owner, Tony Hunt Consulting Ltd.

“Today I see organisations in glorious technicolor, whereas before I saw them in constrained black and white. It means that I am far more useful to organisations.”

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Julie Drybrough – Director fuchsia blue

Julie Drybrough

Director, fuchsia blue

“Already I’m seeing more repeat business from new and existing clients and I’m being recommended from a wider range of contacts.”

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