Frequently Asked Questions

  • Eligibility - Do I need to have an undergraduate degree?

    Although an undergraduate degree is desirable, managers without a previous degree who can demonstrate their capability to study on the programme and have at least three years' professional and/or managerial experience can also apply for the Ashridge Masters in Management.

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  • Eligibility - What level of English is required?

    All programmes are delivered and assessed in English. You must therefore demonstrate a proficiency to study in English at Masters level.

    Ideally you will have a degree which was taught and assessed in English and/or significant professional experience of using spoken and written English. Candidates may be asked to satisfy IELTS standards (minimum spoken and written scores of IELTS 7.0).

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  • Eligibility - What is the average time commitment for the Masters?

    Depending on your previous experience, we estimate that the degree will take 24 months to complete, based on regular study of approximately 15-20 hours per week. With careful time management and delegation skills, you should be able to balance a full-time job and family commitments with this investment in your career development.

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  • Eligibility - Are there other requirements I should think about before applying?

    It is vital that all managers who apply have the personal motivation to benefit from the programme. We also ask that you commit to actively contributing to classroom discussions by sharing your personal experiences and perspectives with the group.

    You will ideally work for an organisation which will be happy for you to undertake work-based assignments. You will need regular access to a computer with an internet connection, preferably at broadband speeds, to access online learning resources.

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  • Programme - How hard is the programme?

    The study level is in line with Masters degree programmes at other leading business schools. As you progress through the modules, the materials become more challenging, and there will be an increased emphasis on applying theories to real-life situations.

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  • Programme - How flexible is the programme?

    We understand that as a manager or skilled professional, there are many demands on your time. This programme is designed to be flexible and accessible to enable you to fit it in around your business and personal life.

    There are four entry dates each year, January, April, July and September. This means you can start and finish each of the three stages at a time most convenient to you. These rolling entry dates give you flexibility between stages and also between modules, so you can manage if family or career circumstances change during the course of the programme.

    The predominantly virtual nature of this programme enables you to access the resources from anywhere in the world, at any time, and without the cost, environmental impact or inconvenience of travelling.

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  • Programme - How can I prepare for the programme?

    Once you enrol on the programme, a link to the online Learning Zone portal will be sent to you from one month until the start of the programme. Included on the Learning Zone is a link to the 'Skills for Study' online resource. This contains a series of short exercises designed to help you to understand the programme's demands and to identify where you might need more work or planning. It contains 'How to' tutorials on:

    • Choose an assignment
    • Conduct a literature review
    • Plan research
    • Apply theory
    • Write an assignment
    • Use referencing conventions.

    We strongly recommend you work through the Skills for Study resource before starting the first module. It should take approximately 10 to 15 hours to complete, depending on your study needs and the level of resources you wish to investigate.

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  • Assessment - How will I be assessed?

    Rather than sitting exams, you will submit challenging, real-life company-based assignments, including a Masters degree project. This develops your knowledge of management concepts and skills, experience of the organisation, research and writing capabilities, and strategic thinking.

    You can choose to focus your assignments on your sponsoring organisation or on an organisation of which you have intimate and first-hand knowledge. The assignments are anchored in the programme modules and come from the work you do before, during and between them.

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  • Assessment - What does the project at the MSc Stage involve?

    The Master final project is one of the most important pieces of work you will complete. It gives you the opportunity to develop your knowledge and skills in a range of business disciplines and apply these in a practical setting. It also enables you to practise research skills and to bring real benefits to your organisation or a host organisation.

    There are four types of projects:

    • A consultancy project agreed with the ‘client’ in the host organisation, focusing on a significant strategic issue or a major operational change within the organisation
    • An entrepreneurial project, where the ‘client’ is an individual (e.g. a business start-up) or an organisation interested in the business plan
    • An action research project, where research is centred around your work in an organisation and studying the impact of your own interventions
    • A dissertation focusing on a topic, issue or market of interest to you.
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  • Assessment - When will I graduate?

    Graduation at Ashridge takes place annually in May for all qualification programmes.

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  • Assessment - Who awards my degree?

    Ashridge Executive Education.

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  • Assessment - How do I submit my assignments?

    You submit all your assessment work online.

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  • Application - Do I need test results for the admissions process?

    Our admissions process takes into account years of professional experience, previous education, previously earned professional certificates and other post-graduate qualifications. Exam results, including the GMAT, are NOT required, although your may submit such results with your application.

    You may be asked to submit satisfactory IELTS results (minimum spoken and written scores of IELTS 7.0 or equivalent).

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  • Application - How long before you decide on my application?

    We aim to update you on your application within 10 working days.

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  • Application - What is the deadline for application?

    There are four start dates for the programme every year: in January, April, July and September. For start dates and deadlines please visit the Apply web page.

    The application deadline for each intake is set at four weeks before each start date. This is to give you time to prepare for the course, familiarise yourself with the online resources provided and complete the required study skills pre-work prior to the programme start date.

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  • Fees - How do I pay my fees?

    You may use a credit card (3% fee), cheque or an online bank transfer. If an offer of admission is made, payment details will be supplied.

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  • Fees - How much will the Masters in Management cost?

    The total cost to complete the Masters in Management is GBP £15,000.


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  • Fees - Is paying fees online safe?

    Our online payment system is fully secure, employing industry standard SSL encryption. If you prefer not to pay online you can pay your fees by bank transfer.

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  • Virtual Ashridge - What virtual resources are available at Ashridge?

    Virtual Ashridge is a bespoke online library and personal learning portal that serves over a quarter of a million professionals globally. Delivered in audio, video and text formats, virtual resources are complemented by key readings from programme faculty.

    Additionally, you can join a Virtual Learning Support Group to help guide you through the programme. This approach offers the flexibility to learn in a way that works for you, 24/7, from anywhere in the world.

    All of your studying takes place using the Learning Zone portal which includes a link to Virtual Ashridge. Once you have registered for the Masters Programme, you will receive log-in details that enable you to access this resource.

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  • Technical Requirements - How IT-literate do I need to be?

    Good IT skills are required, including an understanding of the internet and social media tools.

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  • Technical Requirements - What are the minimum technical requirements to access Virtual Ashridge?

    We recommend that you have access to the following:

    • A PC or Mac computer with unrestricted internet access
    • 124K modem or higher (broadband strongly recommended)
    • A supported internet browser (Mozilla Firefox 2.0 or higher or Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher)
    • Access to a webcam, microphone and a printer (optional)
    • A cable connection – if you use wireless, internet connection can be slow; using a cable can significantly improve connection speed and therefore the performance of Virtual Ashridge.

    We advise you to download the latest versions of the following:

    • Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome
    • Adobe Reader
    • Adobe Flash Player.
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  • How can I be sure the programme is right for me?

    If any of your concerns are not addressed in this section or elsewhere on the website, please email or call us on +44 (0)1442 841240.

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