Module 1: Team Coaching for Consultants

Develop your confidence and skills as a team coach.

Programme Overview

This highly interactive programme introduces ways of thinking about teams and groups and their development, which are underpinned by a relational orientation to team coaching. Through the four workshops you will develop your awareness of group dynamics and your ability to intervene in teams in such a way that they enhance team members’ skills in working with each other and other teams.

The programme also addresses ethical dilemmas and boundary issues that arise in coaching teams. You will be introduced to a range of psychological perspectives including systemic, Gestalt and psychodynamic approaches.

This programme is one of two options for Module 1. You may also like to take a look at Coaching for Organisation Consultants.

Content and Structure


Tutors are available for discussion if required and you will be sent materials to help you prepare.


The programme is designed around four workshops and lasts 11 months. Each workshop provides a combination of experiential learning from your class group and discussion around theories and frameworks. During the workshops we also run application groups in which you and your fellow participants support each other in thinking about applying your learning in your work.

Throughout the programme you will be encouraged to consider the team that you consult to as a ‘project’, to write a reflective journal to enhance your learning and to consciously experiment with new interventions between workshops.

During the workshops you will:

  • Gain a sound understanding of the roles and challenges of being a team coach
  • Integrate theory on team coaching into your practice
  • Deepen your awareness and insight into group process and group development
  • Learn to recognise and appreciate derailment and underperformance in teams, be aware of the impact and meaning of various forms of  ‘scapegoating’, and find ways to respond to and contain such ‘dark side dynamics’ in teams
  • Develop your ability to make judgments about when and how to intervene in a team.

Each workshop includes skills practice, live supervision and plenty of group feedback.

Workshop 1: Contracting with teams and their contexts

  • What is a group or team?
  • Contracting with teams
  • Team coaching methodology
  • Core principles of working with groups.

Workshop 2:Systemic and psychological views on team coaching

  • Experiences in groups
  • Negotiating roles and tasks
  • Systemic and analytic perspectives.

Workshop 3: Board coaching and dynamics

  • Power relationships
  • ‘Shadow sides’ of top teams
  • Individual and social dynamics
  • Contracting with the top team.

Workshop 4: Professionalism in the team coaching relationship

  • Inter-group and intra-group relations
  • Ethics and professional practice in teams
  • Differenced and diversity in teams.


  •  You will become a member of the Ashridge alumni network, which is an excellent opportunity to continue your personal development and networking
  • Ongoing support and further learning opportunities are available with Ashridge Momentum.

Key dates


Workshop 1: 15-17 November 2017
Workshop 2:  21-23 February 2018
Workshop 3:  16-17 May 2018
Workshop 4:  12-13 September 2018

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