The Executive Doctorate in Organisational Change

Rigorous. Relevant. Real. Research.

Do you seek to make a unique contribution to our understanding of organisations and communities, and of the dynamics of stability and change? Are you an experienced and reflective practitioner interested in developing yourself and your practice, through the discipline of 'Action Inquiry'?

Are you interested in doing your research in close collaboration with the support of a community of like-minded practitioners?

If yes, then the Executive Doctorate in Organisational Change will be of interest to you.

Through a rigorous process of inquiry, this qualification will develop your practice to a deeper level. As organisations face the need to respond to ever more diverse and challenging issues, practitioners must develop new ways of working with complex and uncertain situations in pursuit of purposes and outcomes that matter to them.

Doctorate in Organisational Consulting

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Quick facts

  • Start date: 21 March 2018 
  • Application deadline: 8 January 2018 - with limited spaces remaining
  • Program length: 4-5 years
  • Program fee:  £35,000 + VAT 
  • Funding support: Yes. Find out more here.


The doctoarate in organisational change program content

Programme content

The programme takes a philosophical approach, rather than offering the standard toolkit. It challenges you to explore your implicit and explicit assumptions and the implications of those assumptions for your practice.
Programme content is immediately applicable back to your workplace and you are encouraged to share your personal experiences with fellow participants so that everyone learns from each other. You will develop the discipline and skill of reflective writing through practical assignments. The dissertation is an opportunity for an extended practical inquiry with the support of tutor and peers (in the supervision group).

Programme detail

Faculty and teaching staff on the doctorate in organisational change


The faculty are experienced practitioners expert in supporting individuals as they challenge them to develop their skills and expertise. The faculty operate as members of the group and as facilitators/observers, which helps create a supportive, engaging and robust learning environment. Faculty accompany you on your learning journey, rather than being remote specialists. The atmosphere is of debate and dialogue, rather than teaching and telling.

Meet our faculty

Who is the doctorate in organisational change for

Who is the programme for?

This programme is intended for executives and leaders seeking to initiate and sustain change within and across organisations. This may include working on issues of macro-level social and institutional change. It aims to engage you in developing a unique contribution to your chosen field.

This is an opportunity to connect with other experienced practitioners who are seeking to learn at a deeper level.

The group splits into smaller action practice groups with an Ashridge facilitator. This enhances the personal reflection element of the programme.

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Unique learning environment at Ashridge Business School

Learning environment

Ashridge is a unique and beautiful learning environment. Time and time again, participants tell us that the grounds are the ultimate place to reflect and re-charge. In addition, the classrooms are designed to encourage round table discussions rather than lecture-theatre style teaching.

The Ashridge Difference

Alumni abstracts

This programme aims to support advanced practitioners in creating new insights through close investigation of practice.

The programme deepens our understanding of the practice surrounding consulting through rigorous cycles of inquiry in our work and sustained engagement with theory, in order to generate new insights in the field.

Some of our alumni share their exciting and stimulating journeys, through the sharing of the abstracts from their individual thesis submissions. Read more.

“This was a profound developmental experience that gave me the insight and courage to confront my practice as an organisational consultant and inspired me to create new ways of working with clients and colleagues that had deep relational integrity at the heart of our relationships. It is my hope that my story, with all its turns and twists, may have wider relevance for others in organisational consulting.”

Jill Hughes, Director, Jill Hughes Consulting Ltd.