MBA Programs

Available at seven campus locations worldwide – our range of full and part-time MBA programs provide a global, practical business education, and are tailored to different levels of professional experience. Choose from a one-year Full-Time MBA, Executive MBA or even a specialist Executive MBA if you work in creative sectors such as film, fashion, marketing or advertising.

Ashridge is in the 1% of business schools worldwide to be triple-accredited, providing reassurance of quality and relevance to today's business environment.

Hult’s programs, from undergraduate to executive education, are designed to help students and executives experience first hand the forces shaping international business and give them the skills and knowledge to lead in this increasingly complex environment.

Executive Masters in Business Administration (MBA) for the creative industries

Executive MBA for the Creative Industries

Building on a long history of delivering a successful MBA program over 30 years, Ashridge is now offering the opportunity to specialize and study for an online Executive MBA tailored to the creative industries. Endorsed by an Advisory Board of industry experts, led by David Puttnam, film producer, this program provides busy professionals a unique opportunity to gain a recognised degree program in their own industry sector. Our students are diverse, both internationally and professionally. Many are looking for MBA courses that cover all aspects of management whilst integrating key themes and challenges affecting businesses today. They like the way Ashridge offers a very practical and applied degree and value the live case studies and peer group learning which enable them to develop powerful decision-making techniques that can drive business today. Find out more.

Full or part time MBA

Full-Time, Part-Time or Executive MBA?

The one-year Full time MBA is ideal for those looking for a career change, to develop entrepreneurial skills to set up their own business, or to quickly gain strategic management or consulting skills to achieve the next level in their career. Find out more

The two-year part time general Executive MBA (EMBA) is ideal for those aspiring to achieve the next level in their career but wish to continue working and applying their knowledge as they learn. Find out more.

Full or part time

What makes a good MBA degree?

  • International experience provided within the programme
  • Practical application of knowledge throughout the programme
  • Professional status of faculty - are they well-connected with industry?
  • Credibility of the school - programme quality, accreditations
  • Diversity of students - professional and international
  • Currency of the qualification - future-proof
  • Relevance to business and your organisation.

    MBA rankings and accreditations may help you to discover which is the best MBA for you.
What makes a good masters in business administration

Private visits to Ashridge

Visiting the campus can often help you to decide whether a school is right for you. We invite you to visit Ashridge to meet our staff, our Faculty and see for yourself why Ashridge is such a wonderful learning environment.

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Why gain an MBA?

Here are some reasons why you might be looking to gain an MBA qualification:


  1. Career progression in your organisation
  2. Change career
  3. Start your own business
  4. Consolidate your experience.


  1. To improve in a strategic role
  2. To move into a strategic role
  3. To move into general management from a specialist function
  4. To lead the business in a new direction.

Watch the videos from our participants to see why they chose to study for the Ashridge MBA.

How to apply

Finding out whether you are eligible and applying for an MBA is straightforward.

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