Margaret de Lattre


Margaret de Lattre is a Business Development Adjunct at Ashridge. Her main interest is in the dynamic of organisation culture, corporate branding and leadership behaviour to drive strategy and organisation performance. She tutors sessions on change management and leadership, organisation culture and performance, personal development of leaders and the connection between strategy, culture and branding.

She has led and coached many organisations to implement significant changes to their operations, performance and culture. She also has wide experience of leading change management teams of client staff, and uses this practical experience to assist others in enabling effective change.

Past and current clients include BP, Electrolux, Orange, Roche Diagnostics, Fuller Smith and Turner, Lufthansa, and Sinopec in the private sector, and the BBC, Foreign Office, MOD, DWP and Scottish Enterprise in the public sector.

Margaret de Lattre


Leading Change

Keynote speech to a Banking company conference covering Leading Change, with particular reference to mobilisation in the early stages of a corporate change initiative.

de Lattre, M. (2010) Leading Change, Keynote speech to a Banking company conference, October

Focus on Culture

Presentation to Yorkshire Forward members conference outlining the case for a focus on culture, and presenting a 4 Lever Model for changing and aligning organisation culture

de Lattre, M. (2008) Focus on Culture, Yorkshire Forward conference, Yorkshire, July

A Culture of Innovation

In this chapter, Margaret de Lattre looks at case studies of 3 very different organisations; AA, Dyson and ITS Technology, and explores how, by changing the underlying culture of their businesses, they have enabled innovation to prosper.

de Lattre, M. (2003) A Culture of Innovation, in Jolly, A. (ed.) Innovation - Harnessing Creativity for Business Growth, Kogan Page.

Assessing Organisational Behaviour Through Staff Attitude Surveys

de Lattre, M. (1994) 'Assessing Organisational Behaviour Through Staff Attitude Surveys', Institute of Directors