Making Social Technologies Work


A new book Making Social Technologies Work’: How to Implement Successful Social Media in the Workplace by Ronan Gruenbaum from Hult International Business School (Palgrave 2015) is a practical guide to how organisations can leverage the power and manage the perils of social technologies in business.


Added on 29 October 2015 by Ronan Gruenbaum

The new book describes the experiences of those who have actively embraced social technologies, looks at the barriers that inhibit progress and offers strategies and tips for successful implementation.
“Social technologies have changed the way most of us live our lives, but I regularly see organisations who do not realise either the positive or negative consequences that social technologies can have,” said Ronan Gruenbaum. “Social technologies are so much more than creating a corporate page on Facebook or the CEO starting a blog. They can add value to the organization, but conversely can have a devastating effect if ignored,” he continues. 
Encouragingly, the book argues that the size of the organization has no bearing of the likelihood of success in implementing social technologies and that being an early adopter of technologies is not necessarily a predictor of success – organizations can benefit from social technologies even if they have previously been behind the curve. Crucially, organizations that already have a collaborative mindset are more likely to be successful with social technologies than companies where the focus is on individual targets and objectives.
The book is divided into four sections, with the focus throughout on providing practical advice on how to implement social technologies:
  1. What is it – a detailed explanation of the different social technologies from crowdfunding through to virtual worlds
  2. Why it matters – the effect that social technologies are having on society, organisations and individuals and the reasons they can’t be ignored
  3. How to do it – a framework for organisations to help implement social technologies
  4. The future is bright – exploring the seemingly limitless growth of social technologies and how they may develop
“The best advice is to explore and try things out,” concludes Gruenbaum. “Most successful implementations of social technologies come from the bottom up and being very open with your stakeholders, including customers, suppliers and even competitors. Many companies are still focusing on restricting access to new technological platforms - but opening lines of communication and using social technology can deliver fresh thinking and innovation.”
"My first thought was 'Oh lord, another Social Media book' but then, I actually read it. This one is worth the time – good analysis, good examples, and good advice." - Vint Cerf, Internet Pioneer
"Many books detail why new technologies are changing business – Ronan Gruenbaum refreshingly shows us how organizations can embrace and adopt them." - Erik Qualman, Pulitzer Prize Nominated Author