Swarovski and Ashridge win GOLD EFMD Award


“We are delighted that the Swarovski-Ashridge partnership has won the highly coveted EFMD Excellence in Practice Award for Organisational Development and that so much impact has been achieved through the co-created interventions. We value our relationship with Swarovski very highly and are really looking forward to continuing to innovate and develop exciting leadership and organizational development interventions that support Swarovski’s future success.” said Jason Cassidy, President of Ashridge Executive Education.

Added on 15 June 2016 by Sona Sherratt

Excellence in Practice

Outstanding levels of trust and collaboration between Swarovski and Ashridge have enabled the creation of a new, highly respected Leadership Academy, as well as a set of live-business interventions which are addressing emerging organizational issues.

The work which focused on expanding leadership capability, developing organizational agility and triggering lasting culture change, is delivering deep impact in both anticipated and unexpected ways, and is helping to secure Swarovski’s future as a much loved, autonomous family business.

Reflecting the scope of Swarovski’s ambition - in less than 2 years over 250 leaders (close to 50% of the organization’s management talent) have taken part in 14 leadership journeys, including 25 face-to-face modules and over 200 virtual action learning sets, and a further 270 people have been involved in addressing multiple cultural and systemic issues.

The changes affected through the Ashridge-Swarovski partnership include: 

  • Establishing greater accountability, entrepreneurship and innovation across the leadership pipeline
  • Changing the leadership focus to what’s right for all Swarovski businesses and markets – not just the individuals or individual businesses which make up Swarovski 
  • Generating significant improvements in performance, retention and promotion
  • Supporting the implementation of structural changes
  • Addressing slow, complicated and ineffective decision-making
  • Deepening the Corporate Social Responsibility story
  • Strengthening Swarovski’s internal expertise on key topics
  • Exploring key gender issues and opportunities
  • Strengthening relationships and collaboration across the organization

The success is the result of a strong and trusting relationship between Swarovski and Ashridge at all levels of the organization, unusually high levels of top leadership buy-in, and an approach framed by a deep knowledge of organizational as well as leadership development.

Petra Lockhart, VP Global Learning and Development at Swarovski, said: “We are thrilled to be recognized with this award for the wide impact the Swarovski-Ashridge partnership has, on both an organization and individual level, which has exceeded all expectations. This has been achieved by the OD orientation, focus on mind-set change and culture, addressing of live issues, growing ownership for change across the business and the development of leaders who understand, and feel accountable for, the collective needs of Swarovski. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Ashridge and developing our leaders and managers through our Leadership Academy and a wider range of interventions.”  

The annual EFMD Excellence in Practice Awards recognize excellence in management and leadership development, and are regarded as one of the most prestigious within the executive and organization development industry.

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