EMIM Unwrapped The People Module


Masters in Management: The People module focuses on management skills which relate to leading to helping to manage change and to creating and maintaining successful teams. We believe that these three critical areas of management involvement are worthy of deep study and reflection because organisations with weaknesses in any of these areas are likely to become or remain vulnerable while those with strengths in these areas are in a position to create for themselves sustainable competitive advantage.

Added on 26 February 2013 by Roger Delves

EMIM Unwrapped The People Module

Masters in Management: The People Module

Ashridge has a long history of leading edge thinking around these core skills of management with many books and articles (several of which are available to students within the eMiM Learning Zone) adding to the understanding of this key area.

The Ashridge Approach

In this People module we explore and examine a number of current and established behavioural theories in order to provide a broad frame of reference within which we can offer an Ashridge view on Leadership on Teams and on Change Management. The Ashridge view is that a critical success factor for organisations is the ability of managers and leaders to leverage and develop the skills of individuals. This module aims to develop students’ understanding of their own and others’ behavioural preferences and styles of working and the impact of those styles on others particularly with reference to leader roles and responsibilities. It will also provide students with a clear understanding of how to make sure that they and those with whom they work deliver increased individual and team effectiveness for their organisations. Finally this module will explore with students the effect of change on individuals and organisations and identify successful change management strategies at personal and organisational levels. When they have finished this module students will be able to show knowledge and understanding of key concepts frameworks and models related to Leadership Change and Team Working. They will also be able to evaluate critically and apply relevant concepts frameworks and models in a complex organisational context demonstrating the exercise of initiative and personal responsibility. Finally the student will be able to reflect on personal practice utilising knowledge or processes from the forefront of Leadership Change and Team Working theories leading to significant insights that are likely to make a lasting impact on personal understanding and practice. This ability to reflect is a key differentiator between managers who are competent and those who go on to be highly successful.

These Learning Outcomes will be demonstrated through work-based assessments. At Certificate level these assignments allow the student to explore and consider within the core disciplines of management in the three critical areas of Leadership Change and Team Working. Then at Diploma level students continue to explore the areas but now both within and where relevant linking across the core disciplines of management in Leadership Change and Team Working.

Teaching this content allows us to offer students a superb opportunity to come to grips with the key soft skills and soft skills understanding that they will need in a world of management where the possession of high quality behavioural skills is now seen by very many organisations to be a prerequisite to organisation and personal development and success.