Ashridge and Swarovski win silver at the 2016 Training Journal Awards


A collaboration between Swarovski and Ashridge to co-create a new Leadership Academy has won the SILVER award for Best Partnership at the Training Journal Awards 2016, which annually showcases the best achievements of the year in the learning and development. 

Added on 09 December 2016 by Sona Sherratt

Training Journal Award

The Swarovski and Ashridge partnership has resulted in the creation of a suite of leadership and organization development interventions with the business that has expanded leadership capability, worked on multiple live issues and been the catalyst for a new organizational culture. In just 2 years over 300 leaders (close to 50% of the organization’s management talent) have taken part in 14 leadership journeys, including 25 face-to-face modules. A further 270 people have been involved in addressing multiple cultural and systemic issues, as well as a research inquiry involving over 100 leaders. The work has delivered deep impact in both anticipated and unexpected ways, and is helping to secure Swarovski’s future success as an autonomous family business.

On the impact of the program and the partnership Michael Gambs, Director Global Leadership Development, Swarovski, commented: “It’s wonderful that the Swarovski-Ashridge partnership has won this award. The initiative has met Swarovski’s most pressing needs. Leaders across the business are now much more deeply-focused on the whole system, have a greater sense of individual accountability and are working in a more networked, connected, less-hierarchical way. By shifting our culture and developing our people we are better placed to deliver growth, sustain the brand and ensure Swarovski’s long term success."

Ashridge Client Director Sona Sherratt, who along with colleagues picked up the trophy at a ‘red carpet’ ceremony at The Brewery in the City of London, was delighted with the news: "It is a privilege and real pleasure to work in partnership with Swarovski on some of their most pressing and emerging needs. For the work to be recognized with an award by Training Journal is a tremendous achievement of which we are all immensely proud. The partnership is trusting, collaborative and respectful – a mirror for Swarovski’s new culture and approach to leadership – and proves that what starts life as leadership development can move into changing the nature of conversations, shifting how organizations work and think and have wide-reaching organizational impact. Well done to everyone in the Ashridge-Swarovski partnership!”