Looking up or looking down for innovation


A pavement in Cambridge is not normally the place to go to seek innovative inspiration. But there is a surprise at Christ’s Pieces where the pavement at this beauty spot has a world first in lighting technology.

Added on 17 December 2013 by Tony Cram

Looking up or looking down for innovation

Instead of streetlamps above the pavement the pavement surface is covered with ultra-violet particles kept in place by a protective film. The particles absorb light during the day and release it with a light purple glow at night. Cleverer still the luminescence increases on darker nights and reduces when there is more light. Technology could extend to provide different colours of light to separate cycle tracks from pavements for instance.

The supplier Pro-Teq Surfacing is studying the results with Cambridge City Council to see where the technology could be applied next.

So you too must look in unexpected directions for good ideas and let this kind of illumination inspire innovation in yourself and your organisation.