Student diary: Introducing the Masters in Organisational Change


Half Way through the AMOC We are half way through our Ashridge Masters in Organisational Change MSc process on Cohort 15 of AMOC. In some ways this is a good place to begin blogging about the experience – in others I’m not sure how to even begin to capture the learning since February.

Added on 06 December 2012 by Erika Lucas

Student diary: Introducing the Masters in Organisational Change

Half Way through the AMOC

I’m blogging very much from my perspective – aiming to offer snippets of my experiences during the Masters Process.

I’m aiming to be honest and open.

AMOC is an incredible experience – academically practically and personally. The MSc is challenging thought provoking moving good fun hard work and content relevant in the constantly shifting organisations we work in.

And it’s not an MBA…

Our subject areas have included philosophy complexity and change psychology. The focus underpinning our learning is that organisations are not neat structured clear-functioning formal predictable mechanisms. As Practioners from a range of backgrounds (freelancers banking Oil & Gas utilities Government social enterprises) we are united by experiencing a strong story in organisations – one that says firmly mapped project plans and clear outcomes and will ensure success engaged staff and satisfied customers. We are equally united in our experiences of change projects not wholly running according to plan or culture change programmes not really leading to any shifts in behaviours or staff engagement…and I guess you could say that makes us curious as to what is actually going on.

As a practitioner I think I often end up working “in the grey”. I notice a space between black & white clean-cut demarcations in organisations. HR does not exist in a vacuum Nor does Finance. Nor does Ops. Where the needs and intentions of differing functions meet things can get confusing and messy. Where there is a lack of clarity people can become anxious or stubborn or they can flourish in new ways. It’s rarely black and white. This is often where I’m brought in to run workshops and teambuilds or away days or to coach – to help people work through the grey stuff and find some clarity.

Though I suspected this was the work I did – through AMOC I’m beginning to understand how I can work more effectively (less control ironically more patience. My current drum beat is that slowing down some parts is the only way fast paced organisations can change.. this theme may come up again in future blogs.) The reading also introduces me to new ways of thinking – which I can then share with clients and colleagues who also feel that they are working in the grey…. Very cool I think.

So… Ashridge is home to new thinking and me strengthening as a organisational consultant…. And then there are the gorgeous grounds and buildings; the incredibly friendly and helpful staff; my fabulous peers on AMOC and faculty who work with us to bring out our learning…. And deer when you go out for a run in the morning.

Worthwhile checking out I’d say…..