Lord Puttnam engages further industry heavyweights to the Advisory Board of the new Ashridge Executive MBA for the Creative Industries


The Executive MBA for the Creative Industries will be launched in October 2016, and is based on the part-time EMBA that Ashridge currently runs, with modules such as strategy, economics, finance, marketing, leadership, but will have a focus in on the creative industries. The program already has industry backing from major directors and CEO’s from the creative sectors, such as David Abraham, MT Rainey and Darren Henley.

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David Puttnam has said that he is “delighted with the addition of Helen Gammons to the Advisory Board for the Ashridge EMBA for the Creative Industries. Helen brings a wealth of experience from her three decades of working with and leading in the music industry and live industry sector.”

Helen, whose sector experience spans 30 years and is herself a successful business entrepreneur and author, bestows on Ashridge her extensive sector knowledge, network and work in the MBA field. Helen Gammons joins the Advisory Board for the Ashridge Executive MBA for the Creative Industries with the support of senior music and creative sector executives. 

Helen says: “I am pleased that Ashridge can now benefit from my commitment to the sector and this body of MBA work, together with David Putnam we can build and deliver a program that speaks with one voice across the sector. It has been a long stated passion of mine to provide a home for the music and creative sector to enable the delivery of strategic decision makers with broad business skills and a real depth of experience that can be amassed when we learn from each other to continue to lead the creative sector into an exciting future.

Roger Delves, Dean of Qualifications at Ashridge Executive Education, has said: “I am very pleased to have Helen working with us at Ashridge in the development of this program as having her expertise can only further enhance the program and the experience for the cohort joining us in October.”

Helen believes that the creative industries must look to the future to drive change, not be led by it. This program will help unite the sector in a shared passion with its commitment to the expression of creativity and the successful businesses that provide the platform and outlet for it. Those working in the sector who hold an MBA often speak of how liberating and powerful it is in providing a new suite of tools, alternative perspectives in driving business performance and the development of management and leaderships skills needed to support a creative workforce.

Statements of support for Helen’s engagement from industry executives some of whom also hold MBA’s come from IBM, Eventim, Spotify, & Lewis Silkin LLP.

“I first met Helen after having read her book and was delighted to have the opportunity to work with her extensively at Henley Business School in the world’s first MBA program for the music and creative sector. Bringing Helen’s work to Ashridge will be a powerful development in fulfilling the sectors needs at a time of massive technological disruption and change in social habits. Helen is an exceptional professional putting the needs of the sector first and has given so much of herself in pursuing this work for the benefit of all.” Paul Crick, MBA Music Industry Lead, Europe, IBM Global Business Services 

Simon Presswell, MBA Alumnus of Ashridge, CEO of Eventim & Governor at The Brit School states: “With the creative industries accounting for £84.1 billion to the UK economy it is becoming increasingly important to recognize, support and develop the home grown talent we have in this industry as the next generation of business leaders.”

Keith Jopling - Global Head of Strategic Intelligence at Spotify which now generates more than 8 billion dollars and is an essential part of the music eco system says: “David Puttnam’s voice will make a significant difference in emphasizing this important work. The music & creative industries have always been strong in creativity, calculated risk and collaboration. Creative & media organizations need stronger, more informed and equipped leaders, in the digital age and that's why this program is critical. Helen's position on the board can facilitate a conversation that unites the sector. It will lead to something ground breaking I'm sure of that.” 

Jeremy Summers – Partner at Lewis Silkin - Media and Entertainment industry, Sports Brands, & IP “We are all deeply committed to seeing the creative industry thrive but we all know there are tremendous challenges. This is why we are all prepared to speak with one voice and say the creative sector is so key to the UK and global economy that this program is essential.  Working with Helen at Henley has been a great experience and I’m pleased to see Ashridge recognizing and embracing Helen’s work and moving this conversation forward. The creative sector is too important not to make this special effort for.”

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