Managing Generation Y


Ashridge Business School recently held a business briefing in Dubai that aimed to provide insights on the Generation Y (Gen Y) workforce. Those young professions who are under the age of 30 have a lot to offer but their needs often go ignored and managers (particularly from the Generation X or Gen X group) are finding it increasingly hard to motivate them as they have a different set of priorities from their predecessors.

Added on 14 August 2012 by Erika Lucas

Presentations by experts at Ashridge Business School highlighted distinct differences between Gen Y and Gen X professionals the most obvious being the importance of a high salary and the importance of feeling value and respected among younger professionals while managers put most of their focus in career progression and hard work. Retaining and promoting Gen Y professional is by far the biggest challenge managers face as attrition rates are climbing among the global business community.

via Managing Generation Y – SME Advisor Middle East.