Focus on the future – plan for your leadership success


If you are thinking about developing your career and moving into a more senior role (or if you have recently moved into a new role) it is well worth spending some time reflecting on the skills and knowledge which will help you to succeed at this level. 

Added on 20 April 2016 by Pam Jones

Focus on the future

It is all too easy for managers to flounder, or even fail because they are unprepared for the demands of a more strategic role. Here are some tips to help you transition smoothly into your new role:

1. Take a more strategic overview and let go of your functional expertise

  • Be aware of how economic and global trends can affect your business
  • Keep abreast of innovation so you can stay ahead of the game in the face of disruptive upheaval
  • Help to shape and implement strategy through and with others

2. Develop your general management skills

  • Gain an understanding of how different parts of the organization interact
  • Understand the impact of financial levers on business performance
  • Find a mentor who can help you to develop your overall understanding of the business

3. Develop your self-awareness and awareness of others

  • Understand your impact on others and be aware of your strengths and weaknesses
  • Adapt your style and approach so you can get the best out of everyone you work with 
  • Seek feedback and reflect on how you can hone and develop your leadership approach

4. Be a great team leader and coach

  • Build collaboration within and between teams
  • Provide support, direction and encouragement on a regular basis
  • Monitor progress and encourage teams to take responsibility for their success

5. Work with and through others

  • Develop your skills to influence and work effectively with others
  • Build motivation and engagement across the organization 
  • Understand the impact of change on others and support them through the process

6. Build and develop your personal resilience

  • Recognize that working constantly under pressure will impact your ability to make good decisions
  • Make time to maintain and build your physical and mental resilience
  • Learn from mistakes but bounce back and move on

If you are interested in learning more about how to transition into a more senior role take a look at our open programs the Fast-Track Advanced Management Program and the Advanced Management Program