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Welcome to the 2016 Edition

Welcome to the latest issue of 360º – The Ashridge Journal which I hope will stimulate your thinking and give you new insights to feed into your management practice.

In this issue we have thought-provoking articles on subjects ranging from organizational design and sustainability to digital transformation and making the most of Baby Boomers in the workplace.

I hope you enjoy this issue – and as ever, we welcome your feedback on our research and how we can make the findings accessible and relevant for you.

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2016 Edition of 360

Articles include:

  • The Business of Sleep: The wake-up call for organizations
  • Don't put Baby (Boomers) in the corner
  • How to get digital transformation right
  • (Re)Designing organizations: Lessons from the field
  • Collaboration during organizational change
  • Addressing modern slavery in supply chains
  • Why business needs to take center stage on sustainability
  • The future of management development