Why Corporate Initiatives Get Stuck

Corporate initiatives are an essential tool for improving an organisation's performance. They are the main vehicle through which the corporae centre creates additional value in its portfolio of businesses. However many initiatives are less than satisfactory and become "stuck", diverting energies and straining relationships. This paper gives a framework with nine root causes which can diagnose why an initiative has become stuck. The framework enables corporate managers to take more targeted actions which can free the initiative more quickly and with less unintended damage than traditional fixes. The paper also addresses a key corporate dilemma of knowing how ard to push an initiative that is starting to stick. Is this resistance due to a dislike of imposed change or are there good reaons for resisting it?

Darragh, J. & Campbell, A. (2001) Why Corporate Initiatives Get Struck, Long Range Planning, Vol. 34, No.1, pp. 33 - 52, February