What you need to know about strategy

The concept of business strategy was barely known or cared about before the 1970s, but these days most managers, whether they work in a small business, a not-for-profit organisation or a large company, want to know how to create strategy. Although there are many books about strategy, relatively few describe how to create it. Some describe hot new strategies or important concepts; others are filled with dubious advice and quick fixes that may do more harm than good. But practical guidance on designing strategy is in short supply. Existing textbooks present, at best, a very idiosyncratic or incomplete view of how to do so. This book aims to fill the gap, drawing on a career spent as a partner with the world’s top consulting firm and teaching strategy at major business schools and companies. It integrates accepted research and thinking, while offering simple-to-use frameworks. In addition to the tools and concepts that managers need to know, it offers advice on how to involve the right people in a stimulating and challenging process.

Whitehead, J. (2011) What you need to know about strategy, Capstone, April, ISBN 978-0-857-08101-8