Virtual Organisations

The author analyses the virtual organisation and its management in the context of global markets and an emerging neofeudal political economy. Computer-based mediation and brokerage, together with the expanding role of information technology in the continuing globalisation of the economy, has tremendous political, social, managerial, and economic consequences. For managers, and for the concept of organisation in general, these consequences manifest themselves most clearly in the virtual organisation, a new paradigm that has been evolving for decades and that is swiftly gathering steam and overtaking traditional organisation. A new feudal system is in the making, in which power and authority are vested in private hands but which is based on globally distributed resources rather than on possession of land. The evolution of this new political economy will determine how we do business in the future. The author's insights are invaluable in an effort to determine the highly variegated meanings of virtual organisation.

Mowshowitz, A. & Kawaguchi, A. (2005) Virtual Organisations, Japanese Edition of a 2002 English Edition, New York: Quorum Books.