Time to Think: Sieze control of your time and your life

Drawing on Mark’s leading edge experience in time management and personal organisation and from his work enabling business and sports people to achieve their own definition of success, Time to Think provides clarity amidst confusion. Practical, comprehensive and contemporary, Time to Think offers clear ‘how-to’ content, ensuring that in a world where the pace of business continues to increase and the lines between work and private life are becoming increasingly blurred, there is help at hand to draw a clear connection between activity and effectiveness. Beginning with a self-scoring skills analysis and focusing on sound principles and good practice, Time to Think creates the opportunity to review existing processes, tools and time utilisation. It addresses prioritisation – by combining the three key steps of goal setting, task management and proactivity – looks at delegation and meetings management and tackles the contemporary issues of generating personal energy, managing email and working from home.

Barnes, M. (2007) Time to Think: Sieze control of your time and your life, Management Books 2000 Limited, ISBN 9781852525385