Thinking Relationships Culturally

Organisations have increasingly tackled the challenge of leaving their “home territory” and comfort zone in order to aim for profitable growth in rapidly changing environments. Organisation members are required to work across cultural boundaries, dealing with multi faceted issues of diversity. In my presentation I will illustrate that it is essential for organisations to move away from the notion of culture of nation state and performance link towards a holistic understanding of culture as a powerful relationship building force. For this, I will present a workable solution based on the diversity framework outlined by social anthropologist Ulf Hannerz. This model underpins the importance of the relationship focus of diversity, shifting away from static concepts such as age, gender, religion and mores. The redefinition of the categorisation and identification process is essential for bringing an organisation’s global strategy alive and hence realising its competitive advantage.

Abraham, P. (2008) Thinking Relationships Culturally, Managing Diversity:European Destiny and Hope, EURAM conference, Ljubljana, Slovenia