The Oxford Handbook of Strategy, Vol I & II

This two-volume handbook presents an authoritative and up-to-date analysis of how thinking on strategy has evolved and what are the likely developments in the near future. All the contributors are experts in their area, and bring to the topic an understanding informed by many years' experience of research, teaching, and practice. Volume One focuses on two major areas: first, the various different approaches to strategy, and secondly, the development of competitive or business unit strategy, where the pursuit of sustainable competitive advantage is the key objective. Volume Two concerns itself with a variety of topics in the area of corporate strategy, principally a discussion of the role of the centre in the multi-business unit corporation, international strategy, a discussion of how to bring about strategic change, and the new, but very topical, area of organisation and decision-making in conditions of uncertainty.

Campbell, A. (2003) (ed.) The Oxford Handbook of Strategy, Volumes I & II, Oxford University Press