The Future of Workplace Diversity

This chapter explores practical issues and challenges that the future of workforce diversity brings in the new millennium. The dramatic and ongoing changes in the world's political, social and economic arrangements in the last year present profound implications for any notion of inclusiveness and equality that have so far guided communities and organisations. The chapter summarises current thought leadership and the need for new paradigms to manage diversity, and also proposes a method to measure and progress equity in the workplace. The authors propose a standard that is primarily customisable to any organisation's need to address its issues around the management of diversity which impacts on organisational effectiveness, credibility performance, reputation and development of capabilities. The standard can be used to benchmark the organisation externally, and the authors illustrate their current and future application in organisations. It is with optimism that the authors feel that beginning with a shared understanding of where we are, and where we want to go with working on our differences and similarities, enables us to have a better chance of procuring peaceful and progressive communities.

Montes, T. (2003) The Future of Workplace Diversity, in Davison, M.J. & Fielden, S.L. (eds) Individual Diversity and Psychology in Organisations, John Wiley & Sons.