The Future of Learning; Insights and Innovations from Executive Development

The Future of Learning, Insights and Innovations in Executive Education is an edited collected of chapters based on research-informed ‘future-scoping’ and emerging practice in the field of executive education. Chapters have been developed from papers presented at the Future of Learning Conference held at Ashridge Business School in 2009. The book is split into three sections: Future Context includes chapters on storytelling and improvisation, leadership competencies required for the 21st Century and scenarios for the future of the HE sector. Future Learning discusses the emergence and potential of Virtual Action Learning, the implications of web 2.0 and how Generation Y is impacting and impacted by the workplace. Future Learners brings the needs of the learner to the fore, with thought-provoking chapters on opening the possibilities of learning, the importance of ‘place’ and curiosity as an enabler of learning. Written in an accessible style, the book will appeal to anyone working in the field of adult and higher education and training.

Voller, S., Blass, E. & Culpin, V. (2011) The Future of Learning; Insights and Innovations from Executive Development, Palgrave Macmillan, December