Strategies for Managing Brand and Product in International Markets

The twin forces of ideological change and the technology revolution make globalisation the single most important issue facing executives today. But many companies who have developed a presence in the global market now face the challenges inherent in creating a multinational presence with the demands of the 'unglobal consumer' who does not have a 'one size fits all' need. In this book, Quelch and Deshpande bring together 13 Harvard Business School professors to discuss these and other problems and benefits encountered by executives in global markets. Topics to be discussed include: operating costs of global advertising and marketing services, global product standards; managing global supply chains; global account management; global brands; global knowledge sharing and performance drivers; managing global customers; and social marketing for global economic development.

Arnold, D. & Schroiff, H.W. (2004) Strategies for Managing Brand and Product in International Markets, in Quelch, J. & Deshpande, R. (eds) The Global Market, Jossey-Bass.