Sales Directors’ Views on Organisational Development Issues

Having consulted with marketing and sales organisations in many different industry sectors, Ashridge Consulting and Caliper UK Ltd were in no doubt: clients were finding that their sales organisations needed to develop and change in order to be able to respond to the changes in the marketplace they were operating in. Conversations with senior managers, directors and CEOs of commercial organisations consistently demonstrated that they are seeking to understand better how they can create and sustain effective sales organisations in today's highly competitive and fast changing markets. For example, many clients were working in commercial environments where their customers' buying processes were constantly evolving and placing increasing demands on them as suppliers. To engage more effectively with their clients, ACL and Caliper set out to conduct a preliminary study into the changing role of the sales professional in progressive markets. The results are presented in this report.

Kasozi, A. & Ward, C. (2003) Sales Directors’ Views on Organisational Development Issues, Client Research Report and Seminars; Alumni Seminar. Summary published in Converse.

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