Recruitment and Selection Revisited

The process of internationalising Continental European higher education has been occurring for a number of years in a context quite different from the internationalisation processes in the United States, Canada, England, Australia and other English speaking countries. Kai Peters explores some of the issues faced by internationalising institutions. Overall, this paper will present: - The historical background of the Rotterdam School of Management. - The three phases of internationalisation - The process of recruitment for different phases of internationalisation - The introduction and integration of lecturers - The staffing of administrative personnel By considering these factors, this paper seeks to present a holistic view of the requirements for the successful introduction and development of international programmes in institutions of higher education.

Peters, B.K.G. (2001) Recruitment and Selection Revisited in H. Farkas-Teekens, Teaching and Learning in the International Classroom, Den Haag: Nuffic Press

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