Making Social Media Work

Social media and Enterprise 2.0 are terms which have suffered from intense hype in recent years in a way that has polarised many in business into being either evangelists for the new systems or laggards who believe social media is about wasting time. The new systems, which include a range of tools from blogs and wikis to social networks and virtual worlds, are technologies that allow users to collaborate together and to create and share content in ways that were impossible just a few years ago. The business benefits of Enterprise 2.0, a term that usually refers to the internal use of collaboration software in an organisation for knowledge sharing and collaboration, have been described in many case studies by authors ranging from Andrew McAfee of Harvard Business School and Gartner Research to McKinsey and Gary Hamel. Financial ROI is often hard to show, however, becoming a stumbling block in encouraging adoption of the new technology. The focus of this report has been to conduct research on the successes and failures in adopting Enterprise 2.0 and learn lessons that can be applied to other organisations hoping to jump on the social media bandwagon.

Gruenbaum, R. (2010) "Making Social Media Work" Preliminary report, Ashridge Report, Winter