Living Leadership - A Practical Guide for Ordinary Heroes

Built on a unique four-year experiment working alongside real leaders in real businesses, 'Living Leadership' explodes the myth of the charismatic, transformational leader, to show that real progress comes from the dramatically ordinary stuff of leadership. From building relationships, not starting revolutions; by working with the grain of your organisation, not against it; and in knowing your limitations as much as pushing every boundary. The authors have followed business leaders (chief executives or business unit heads) in leading European companies for four years. They discovered the challenges they really faced, how they really spent their time and how they really made an impact. Day by day. They saw these leaders holding key discussions with their teams, formulating strategies, plans and visions, observing their behaviours, ambitions and frustrations. What emerged was a powerful set of principles and proven advice for managers everywhere who want to develop their leadership skills. 'Living Leadership' will help you to discover within yourself the means to make real connections with people and make things happen in the real world.

Binney, G., Wilke, G. & Williams, C. (2004) Living Leadership - A Practical Guide for Ordinary Heroes, Financial Times, Prentice Hall