Implementing African Leadership: An Empirical Basis to Move Beyond Theory

This paper details the process of establishing a method for the implementation of African modes of leadership within an organisation. African leadership precepts are defined, followed by a brief explanation of the methodology for the research.A survey questionnaire with 20 constructs relating to African modes of leadership was designed. This was used as an on-line survey to illicit electronic feedback from individuals within a specific organisation.Rigorous statistical analysis, including means and grand-means analysis, ANOVA, correlations, factor analysis and chi-squared tests were performed on the data. The factor analysis reduced the 20 constructs in the survey to 4 constructs. These constructs are proposed as a four-step process to implement African modes of leadership within the organisation, and help integrate it/interweave it into the already dominant, functional parts of our historical Anglo-Saxon leadership modes. Key to the success of the programme are congruent intentions and behaviours, as well as genuine stewardship for the sustainability of both organisations and communities, which we believe will, in turn, permit the unlocking, embracing and application of the multiplicative effects of cross-verging African modes of leadership with our current, dominant modalities. An inability to do so is, in our view, a moral failure of behalf of South African organisations, and their leaders in particular.

April, K. (2006) Implementing African Leadership: An Empirical Basis to Move Beyond Theory, 1st International Conference on Values-Based Leadership, Stellenbosch University, March

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