Globalization: Where is Your Organisation Today?

Globalization: The Internal Dynamic focuses on what it really takes to become a global organisation. In spite of many organisations' efforts, the reality is that few are truly global, or even trans-national. This book considers how a global organisation should look, and what the potential barriers are to achieving a true global status. Topics covered in the text include: Does the global organisation really exist?; The high human and personal cost of global leadership roles; Designing your organisation for successful globalisation; Corporate culture as a barrier to achieving a global presence; Organisational change in global companies; Linking organisational learning to the strategic direction of a global company; The systems and processes behind global e-learning; The importance of teams to globalisation; Competencies required by the global manager; and the global leader. In addition, the authors offer a new model of a global organisation that allows companies to audit themselves and see how far down the road to globalisation they have progressed.

Kirkbridge, P., Pinnington, P. & Ward, K. (2001) Globalization: Where is Your Organisation Today?, in Kirkbridge, P. & Ward, K. (eds) Globalization: The Internal Dynamic, John Wiley and Sons.