Does Strategy Really Matter?

This provocative question - the subject of EBF's Winter 2001/2 edition (EBF Issue 8) - stirred the passions of three leading international strategy professors and a director of Orange in a live debate organised by the Association of MBAs and EBF in December 2002. Chaired by Tim Dickson. EBF's Executive Editor, the panel comprised Richard Whittington, Fellow at New College and Professor of Strategic Management at the Said Business School, University of Oxford; Joseph Lampel, Professor of Strategy at Cass Business School; Andrew Campbell, a Director of the Ashridge Strategic Management Centre; and Patrick Harris, then Director of Creativity at Orange and now co-founder of ThoughtEngine, a strategy and creativity consultancy.

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Campbell, A. (2003) Does Strategy Really Matter?, European Business Forum, Issue 13, Spring

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