Diversity in Africa: The Coming of Age of a Continent

Africa is a unique Continent and the solutions to its multifaceted problems and challenges are only going to come from its own soil. Through a collection of papers from authors, who are pre-eminent voices in the diversity discipline in Africa, the book explores notions of cross-vengeance and hybridisation of the Continent’s sense-making processes and activities – examining the personal, organisation and social dimensions. The authors believe a unifying force can be drawn from its colonial past, through which Africa can subordinate its individual goals in favour of the common good, so that all in the region may benefit. Filled with powerful stories, new perspectives for thinking, best practice, researched academic frameworks and learning emanating from the continent itself, the reader will be challenged to rethink and reflect on dominant worldviews and its deficiencies. The book represents a suitable core reader for MBA, undergraduate and post-graduate programmes that seek to relate business-government-society and the responsibility of individuals towards creating desired futures, as well as a text to support employee learning development initiatives sponsored by corporations or public sector groups.

April, K. & Shockley, M. (2007) Diversity in Africa: The Coming of Age of a Continent, Basingstoke, Hampshire, Palgrave Macmillan. ISBN 9780230006843