Customers that Count (published in Spanish, Greek, Korean and Russian)

In a world where 80% of your profit comes from just 20% of your customers, you can't afford to treat them all the same. You must identify those who are worth it and build a relationship that is deeper than a loyalty card by going beyond the technology of CRM. Remember that relationships have more to do with humans than databases. You trust someone who behaves in a trustworthy manner - if you want your customers to trust you then you will have to behave in a trustworthy way. You expect people you live with to remember how you like your tea - your customers expect you to remember their preferences too. You wouldn't marry someone you had just met on the street so why do you expect to have worthwhile relationships with customers selected at random? 'Customers that Count' is more than just another book on CRM. By focusing on the top 20% of customers who normally provide 75 - 90% of profits it proves the business case and answers concerns about the scale and cost of CRM. It goes beyond the concept of capturing customers and shows you how to captivate them. This means winning them with human characteristics rather than technology because the company that seems human will win.

Cram, T. (2003) Customers that Count (published in Spanish, Greek, Korean and Russian), Financial Times Prentice Hall