Collaboration Strategy

Current strategy and leadership thinking doesnt prioritise motivating people and setting things up so that employees, suppliers and business partners do what you want. Collaboration Strategy argues that this is fundamental to business success. In industries from pharmaceuticals to fashion, new ways of working with partners, or setting up activities using collaboration strategy have enabled businesses to grow rapidly and achieve superior profits. At the heart of this book is the authors' original collaboration framework that explains how to build a collaboration strategy for a range of different activities and industries. The authors present ten requirements for profitable collaboration and use real-life scenarios to apply their framework and analysis, offering a menu of tactics to address the most common problems in setting up collaboration with partners.

Barber, F. and Goold, M. (2014) Collaboration Strategy: How to Get What You Want from Employees, Suppliers and Business Partners. Bloomsbury  ISBN: 9-781-4729-1202-2