Appreciating Values

In September 2002, Nokia's board considered a proposal on Appreciative Inquiry (AI) that would involve cross sections of the entire organisation. There would be structured conversations purposely focused on concrete success stories to generate passion, commitment, and action. In essence, rather than train the organisations in its values, there would be an inquiry into where the values were already most alive. The proposal generated a positive response. There are several different methods associated with AI. The 4D cycle is probably the most well known and used. It comprises: 1. discovery phase, 2. dream phase, 3. design phase, and 4. destiny phase. Different organisations and situations demand different approaches. Nokia's core team decided on a structured, high-profile approach - which involved a large scale summit based on the 4D cycle.

Vanstone, C. & Dalbiez, B. (2004) Appreciating Values, Training Magazine, 1 July.

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