Am I in the right place?

Ensuring alignment between your organisation's strategy and the style of the leaders who are going to implement it can lead to significant benefits. But how do you know what is the best leadership style for each strategy? Working with the three value disciplines approach to strategy (Treacy & Weirsema, 1993) - Customer Intimacy, Product Leadership & Operational Excellence, Phil Anderson's research investigated the different styles of leadership associated with each strategy. He researched leaders in 8 organisations - 4 in the UK and 4 in Singapore. He asked several hundred leaders at various workshops of their perceptions of leaders in organisations following these strategies. The article discusses the differences between the perceptions and 'realities' of leadership in these different organisations.

Anderson, P. & Culpin, V. (2009) Am I in the right place?, Training Journal, August, pp. 42 - 45