Adviseren voor Gevorderden [Fearless Consulting]

English title: 'Fearless Consulting - Temptations, Risks and Boundaries of the Profession'. This is an innovative and revolutionary book about consulting. It draws upon and summarizes the existing handbooks but goes further in that it addresses some of the anxieties, fears and temptations that consultants regularly experience. The book offers inspirations from sources which are often slightly outside the field of consulting, such as philosophy, drama and psychology, to find answers to the many nagging questions that beset senior consultants. It describes their continuing journey between Scylla and Charybdis: the devouring remorse of struggling on and taking over responsibilities of the client, and the whirlpool of inflated ego and sarcasm. Consulting is that journey, which looks different every time but which, over and over again, entails risks of both types for the sensitive consultant. Mastery in consulting, or the right intention, is therefore staying the middle course, just as Aristotle described it. The shortest way to summarise the intention of consulting according to this book is: "down with flattery, long live irony, intervene fearlessly, know thyself, and let go in time!"

de Haan, E. (2005) Adviseren voor Gevorderden, [Fearless Consulting], Koninklijke Van Gorcum, Assen