Adaptive Bayesian Agents

This article brings together two views of organisations: resource-based theories (RBT) and social network analysis (SNA). Resource-based theories stress the importance of tangible assets, as well as less tangible ones, in the competitive advantage and success of organisations. However, they provide little insight into how resources are brought together by an organisation to generate core competencies that provide a source of differentiation that cannot easily be reproduced or substituted. In contrast SNA provides insight into the complexity of organisations and the interaction between the people within them, taking account of uncertainty and complexity. However, neither perspective gives significant insight into how organisations evolve over time, and how their competitive position is sustained or eroded.

Potgeiter, A., April, K., Cooke, R.J.E. & Lockett, M. (2006) Adaptive Bayesian Agents, South African Journal of Business Management, Vol. 37, No. 1, pp. 41 - 55

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