Ashridge Leadership Centre

The Ashridge Leadership Centre (ALC) offers informed thinking on the subject of leadership through dialogue, research and writing.

About ALC

The Ashridge Leadership Centre works with senior leaders in organisations around the world. We help you build self-awareness to understand the organisational challenges you face and develop strategies to manage them.

At Ashridge we recognise that a ‘one size fits all’ approach to leadership does not work, as that ignores the need for congruence between who you really are and how you lead. Instead we help you to connect your values to your preferred approach, and to leverage your innate strengths to maximum effect.


Ashridge leadership centre
The centre continuously and critically reflects on its expertise, seeking out the latest thinking on leadership, and collating this combined knowledge into tangible solutions for leaders. 
We invite you to explore our current projects, research and leadership programmes. 
Ashridge leadership Centre

The ALC team

The ALC consists of an active community of subject experts, led by its Director Kerrie Fleming. It works closely with an active Community of Practice based at Ashridge.
The Community of Practice is a group of experienced professionals and recognised authorities on subjects such as emotional intelligence, creativity and the neuroscience of learning. 
The ALC regularly partners with faculty and associates across Ashridge ensuring a lively and robust approach to leadership development.
Ashridge Leadership Centre

News and events

Members of the ALC regularly host and take part in a range of learning and research related events. These events offer a chance to catch up with the latest thinking and current debates on leadership practice, shared by experts and successful leaders from Ashridge and other leading organisations. 
For details of ALC events and other Ashridge research events, please go to our events page
Ashridge Leadership Centre

Projects and publications

The ALC’s latest research projects include Amy Armstrong’s work on CEO Engagement, conducted in partnership with the employee engagement movement Engage for Success and Trudi West’s study of the challenges faced by the skippers and teams taking part in the Clipper Around the World Yacht Race
The centre regularly collaborates with other research centres at Ashridge and actively engages with clients to generate new insights and perspectives to inform the practice of leadership.
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Ashridge is consistently ranked as one of the top business schools in the world. We are focused on helping organisations and individuals become the best that they can be. 
To discuss a research project or to find out more about how the ALC can support your business, please contact us.